Oxford to get half as big again

Oxford's Local Plan, due to be adopted soon, claims that the City needs to grow by about 50% in twenty years - equivalent to adding a new town like Bracknell onto the City. Most of this growth is planned for the Green Belt around Oxford. It is being implemented through plans by Cherwell, South Oxfordshire and the other Oxfordshire Districts. The Cherwell Development Watch Alliance, supported by 25 signatories including Layla Moran MP, other elected representatives and professional planners, has written to the Secretary of State about the absurdity of this planned level of growth and its consequences for the Oxford Green Belt. It asks him to intervene in order to honour the Government's commitment 'to protect the Green Belt' made repeatedly in its manifestos and statements by Government Ministers.

The City, Cherwell's and South Oxfordshire's plans have yet to be adopted. We urge you to vote against these plans and protect the Green Belt. If the plans go ahead, the electorate will have a constant reminder for years to come, of who was responsible for destroying the Oxford Green Belt. This is a crucial matter for local democracy, regardless of whether or not the Secretary of State intervenes.

The press release issued on 18th May and a copy of the letter sent to the Secretary of State can be downloaded below.

Please contact us if you would like further information.

Yours sincerely,
Alan Lodwick
Cherwell Development Watch Alliance
Letter to Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing
We urge the Minister to honour election pledges to protect the Green Belt and call in the City and Cherwell Local Plans
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Press release 18 May 2020
Oxford City to grow by 50% if the Local Plans are approved.
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