Feedback to Network Rail

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Points to consider mentioning

With thanks to Yarnton Parish Council

  • The increased car travel times with associated increase in travel costs for individuals and CO2 emissions. It is estimated that the total additional costs for motorists will be around £720,000 per year*. You can work out how much it would cost you individually and tell Network Rail: calculate (your additional miles (which might be 3.6 to 4.2 miles for a return trip depending on your destination and route) times the number of times a year you might take that trip) times 45 pence (cost per mile used by the District Council).
  • The half barriers could be replaced with full barriers which would resolve the safety issues raised.
  • The crossing on Sandy Lane could be replaced with a road bridge that could be used by traffic, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The Yarnton Lane crossing should include ramped provision to promote accessibility (wheelchair and prams) and to support the Government’s initiative to increase cycling – especially as it is the most direct route to Kidlington and Oxford Parkway rail station.
  • No evidence is provided to suggest that building 2,500 new homes will increase the risk of using these crossings, though it does increase the need to keep them open.
  • If the arguments for closing these crossings are valid then it is difficult to see why the heavily used pedestrian crossing at Roundham Lock can be kept open.
  • Make it personal - what does this mean for your business, your social life, your school run, your access to shops and services

Inconvenience considered 'inconsequential'

Network Rail claim alternative routes will only add a few minutes to journey times. This is based on surveys performed at times of very low traffic flow.


It ignores the fact that walkers and cyclists will now have to dismount and go over the bridges. Have you ever pushed a bike over a railway bridge like these? It could easily add ten minutes to journey times and increase the temptation to trespass on the rail way


Residents at Yarnton Road risk being cut off - proposals include tarmacking a kilometre of road from Green Lane to the canal bridge and negotiating with Sheehan contractors for access to the A44.