22. March 2022
The Oxfordshire Growth Needs Assessment (OGNA) forms the basis for the preparation of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 (Oxon2050). It is vital that it is soundly constructed. An independent, impartial review commissioned by CDWA questions the soundness of the OGNA as a basis for the development of Oxon2050.
Press articles and releases · 22. March 2022
A new report published today by independent consultancy Opinion Research Services (ORS) directly questions the growth needs proposed as the basis for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 currently being prepared. [Download the full report - PDF)
30. July 2021
We’re sorry to have to let you know that CDWA (which includes Kidlington Development Watch) has lost its legal challenge to the Cherwell Local Plan Partial Review. We always knew this would be a difficult case to win as there is a very high bar to overcome in challenging a local plan. Most cases fail to reach a court hearing, so we did well to get as far as we did. We want to thank all the organisations, local Parish Councils and the very many individuals who supported us and generously...
Press articles and releases · 25. June 2021
Well, CDWA has now had its day (and a half) in Court: 23/24 June. The hearing was before Mrs Justine Thornton DBE. Only a few members of the CDWA committee were allowed to view on the very limited court video link. There was a static video camera which focused solely on the judge. We were however able to send ‘WhatsApp’ messages to our legal team. Our Grounds were (1) that the Inspector, in judging that there were exceptional circumstances to develop in the Green Belt, failed to take into...
Press articles and releases · 17. June 2021
The Judicial review will take place Weds and Thursday 23-24th of June. All is ready. We are confident that our case is as strong and well presented as can be. We understand it could be a few months before the Judge releases the decision. We hope the court will find in our favour and throw out the Local Plan. Let common sense prevail ! Meanwhile our press campaign continues .... with thanks to the Oxford TImes and Oxford Mail for today's coverage.
Press articles and releases · 18. February 2021
A High Court ruling has granted permission for a judicial review to go ahead of Cherwell District Council`s Local Plan Partial Review. The Plan Review (LPPR), initiated in 2015, proposes the building of 4,400 houses on Oxford`s Green Belt to the north of the city. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Lang, sitting in the Planning Court of the Queen`s Bench on 11 February, directed that Cherwell Development Watch Alliance (CDWA) could proceed to a full court hearing with the application it made to the...
Newsletters · 30. January 2021
Today we share news of a parallel challenge to a local Plan that relies on the same flawed housing numbers as Cherwell's. View the details here.
Press articles and releases · 22. October 2020
CDWA's legal challenge made headlines in the local press and in planning circles shortly after being lodged with the courts.
Press articles and releases · 18. October 2020
Cherwell Development Watch Alliance, an organisation of five local associations which has been opposing Cherwell District Council`s Local Plan (Part 1) Partial Review, has filed a claim in the High Court challenging its adoption by the Council. Notice of the claim was served on Cherwell and the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government last Friday 16th October, alleging that the decision on 7th September to adopt the Partial Review was unlawful. Unless stayed by the...
Letters to decision makers · 06. June 2020
Our Chairman, Giles Lewis examines the value of green open spaces and the inherent political contradictions in current Green Belt policies.

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