Key partner organisations

CDWA ethos is that we are stronger together in opposing the current flawed, growth-led planning system.  As such, we have paired with like minded organisations, our local Parish Councils and MP's to challenge the creeping urbanisation of Oxfordshire. 

CPRE Oxfordshire

The Campaign to Protect Rural England Oxfordshire works to improve, protect and preserve the landscape of Oxfordshire and its towns and villages for the benefit of everyone. CPRE Oxon helped establish CDWA and has been supportive throughout our campaign.

POETS: Planning Oxfordshire's Environment and Transport Sustainably

POETS is a small group of individuals involved in Planning and Transport in Oxfordshire who are concerned about the current direction (or lack of it) in land use planning and transport policy in the area.

Oxford Green Belt Network

The Oxford Green Belt Network was established in 1997 to:

  • Protect the setting of the Historic City of Oxford from the urban sprawl which had damaged so many other cities (though none as beautiful as ours).
  • Protect the individual towns and villages around Oxford from being swallowed up into an expanding City and allowing them to retain their cherished separate identities.
  • Preserve open countryside close at hand as a green lung for the health and enjoyment of City dwellers.

The Oxford Green Belt Network continues to fight any suggestion that Green Belt policy be weakened in an attempt to stimulate the national economy. A city's Green Belt setting, like that of Oxford, encourages economic growth rather than preventing it.


Need Not Greed Oxfordshire (NNGO)

NNGO is a coalition of local groups and individuals - including CDWA - that have come together to campaign for a future that respects the views of local people, plans for “need not greed” and protects the environment. We want local people to have a real voice in the debate on the future of Oxfordshire. Our common ground is that housing growth must meet local need, not cater to speculative development.

Visit NNGO for excellent resources e.g. lists of coalition members and links to decision makers.